Homeland Security PHILANTHROPY Council

Championing the Mission of Homeland Security

Homeland Security

From the ashes of 9/11, the spirit of American ingenuity and the legacy of preserving our nation’s principles gave rise to one of the most transformative innovations in law enforcement history: the Department of Homeland Security.

The mission of Homeland Security—to safeguard the American people’s homeland and values—is a beacon of freedom. The agency ensures safety to our communities, inspires foreign allies, and instills the confidence that liberty and democracy can never be extinguished.

The Homeland Security Philanthropy Council represents a bold new direction in how communities, governments, and private industry support the integrity of this noble mission. Building upon a decade of successful programs created under the former ICE Foundation, the Council is investing in the principles by which Homeland Security was founded, exporting its innovation throughout the world, and supporting the families of those who serve in the interest of public safety.

Our mission is simple: Help protect, build, and enhance the global ecosystem of security and safety to ultimately safeguard America. We do this by investing in the men and women serving the cause of public safety; partnering with public and private organizations dedicated to homeland security; and providing tangible support to those impacted by security-related efforts and crises.

We are the guardians of the homeland security principles and we hope you are encouraged, inspired, and emboldened to join the cause.


Based in Washington, D.C., the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council is a 501(c)(3) comprised of a coalition of not-for-profit organizations, government agency liaisons, and private sector partners that all believe creating safer communities requires strategic cooperation.

The Council works together with our partners to develop and fund initiatives that:

Inspire civic engagement and service in public safety

Improve the lives of law enforcement and their families

Create life-restoring opportunities for survivors of crime


We focus our resources on making a tangible, lasting impact on individuals, communities and nations, through five key initiatives.

Service to America

Inspiring future leaders

Developing tomorrow’s leaders is critical in the enduring battle against threats to our way of life. Beyond educating the public about potential threats and the Department of Homeland Security’s role in combating them, the Council also provides resources to veterans, youth leaders, and children in at-risk communities who want to serve in the interest of homeland security and public safety. We provide need-based and meritbased scholarships to empower talented young men and women to serve their communities and join the journey to strengthen America’s security infrastructure.


Restoring survivors of human trafficking

Protecting individual freedom is a cornerstone of American democracy. Homeland Security defends this liberty through the policing of human trafficking, modern slavery, and child exploitation. However the job doesn’t stop once a survivor is rescued. The enduring shackles of this crime can only be broken when survivors are given the tools to establish a new life of freedom. The Council supports and strengthens survivors as they reintegrate, providing empowering training to secure meaningful jobs. We also provide financial aid for survivors who plan to continue their education by attending college or vocational training. Along with our strategic partners, we enable these brave men and women to not just survive, but thrive.


Promoting global best practices

When nations around the globe are implementing effective national security measures, the safety of the world’s citizens is enhanced. Having established a forum for innovative thought leadership, the Council works to improve the integrity of America’s homeland security infrastructure and facilitate the exportation of homeland security best practices throughout the developing world. We’ve witnessed firsthand how open dialogues among notfor-profits, governments, commercial industry, and local law enforcement has led to new approaches and advances leading to a safer world. Academy programming includes raising awareness about industry vulnerabilities to human trafficking, money laundering, and counterfeiting. Soon, our curriculum will expand to encompass modules on disaster relief, supply chain risk management, and the proper integration of public safety products..


Supporting officers and their families

The Department of Homeland Security represents over 25% of the federal workforce. And when the families of these public servants are taken into account, there are close to one million U.S. citizens either putting their lives on the line or making sacrifices as a family in order to keep us safe. This remarkable workforce has a tough job to do, and protecting our interests often means they forfeit their own safety, freedom, and lives. Frequent relocations to remote parts of the country or abroad create unique family obstacles, including financial, emotional, and physical challenges. The Council stands behind the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, their partners, and their children. We work to ensure they have access to resources that help make their selfless sacrifices easier. Furthermore, when tragedy strikes, we support financial relief efforts to ease of burdens placed on families in times of need.


Advancing security, innovations and technology

Necessity breeds invention. However, transforming innovative ideas into actionable enterprises requires financing. Blue Arrow is a social impact fund focused on making strategic investments in companies, leaders, and ideas that support the U.S. Homeland Security capability at the national, state, and local levels.

Our mission-focused investment model aligns the public and private sectors to foster value-based outcomes. By cultivating a shared consciousness, the fund enables immediate impact on security and public safety—building a safer tomorrow for us all.


Sustainable national and local security requires a blended effort among government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and industry. Our vision is to create an unstoppable synergy to increase the direct impact of all those committed to homeland security and public safety.

Organizations Cannot do This Alone.

They need assets, advocates, and a trusted advisor to help hone the contributions being made and guide the measurement of their success. The Homeland Security Philanthropy Council provides resources to organizations that promote the interests of homeland security and public safety.

Developing a Shared Consciousness

  1. Existing Vulnerabilities
  2. Techniques to Mitigate Threat
  3. Tools and Roles Required to Thwart the Enemies of Liberty
Help safeguard


We believe that, like freedom and liberty, homeland security is a fundamental principle—an ideal to never stop pursuing. In that quest, the Homeland Security Philanthropy Council is blazing a bold new trail, harnessing the power of agencies, organizations, and leaders dedicated to this principle.

Won’t you join us?

Your unrestricted gift of support represents the ultimate endorsement and belief in the principles and mission of homeland security. Dollars contributed to the Council’s annual fund support our ability to positively impact our nation’s security by supporting those who serve, the communities they protect, and the people they’ve rescued. Your gift supports innovative initiatives that guard the principles of American freedom and safety.

There are numerous ways to


For those who share our vision, We invite you to stand beside us and support the sons and daughters who are safeguarding American Liberty.